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The Subways @ Groamat

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Wir hatten die große Ehre dieses Wochenende mit Charlotte, Billy, Josh und Ben von den genialen „The Subways“ zu verbringen.

Den Höhepunkt bildete ein Konzert im Groamat Proberaum.

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Wir sagen noch mal herzlich Danke an alle die da waren und natürlich an unsere Freunde von The Subways

Das Konzert fand im Rahmen eines Pledges welcher von den Subways gestartet wurde statt. Mehr Informationen darüber hier: PledgeMusic

Bussi eure Groamat

For our English Fans/Visitors:

We are a Band from Murau who is placed in the middle of Austria. We play own songs who are inspired from Hardrock, Metal and Punk (And we love The Subways). You can listen to our Demos on the right of this page if you like it you are welcome to leave a Guestbook entry under „Gästebuch“ also placed on the right side here. We would be pleased about it.

We had the great honor to spend this weekend with Charlotte, Billy, Josh and Ben from the amazing „The Subways“.

The highlight was a concert in our rehearsal room.

Photos, videos and a full report coming soon here

If you like to stay informed you can come back here soon at our Website or you join us here:

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We say again thanks to all who were there and of course to our friends from The Subways for the amazing weekend

kisses your Groamat